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Tune In to In-Store Marketing

Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

You’ve been working hard on your advertising. You’re staying on top of your social media game and making sure you’re targeting the right people in the right places. But, are you overlooking some potential revenue that’s right under your nose? Gaining new clients is, of course, a major focus, but your in-store audience is the easiest group to market to and can have a powerful effect on growing your salon’s profits. Visually reiterating key specials throughout the store can help start a conversation and create an additional sale.

So, what different types of in-store marketing can you use for your salon?


Paper flyers you can design and print on your own are an easy and efficient visual to place within your salon to show any current specials you have in place. Place them on your front counter, in your salon rooms, lobby area, bathrooms, etc. It’s especially important to place these posters in salon rooms and in the lobby – key areas where customers are likely to be taking their time and will have time to read your flyer. Try promoting cocktail tanning and other services you offer in both UV and spray tanning rooms to encourage clients to try new things. Pretty much anywhere your customers are, you’ll want to emphasize the message in a simple and effective manner.

Outdoor Signage

People driving by and walking in front of your business give you the perfect opportunity to advertise to them. Place a simple message that is easy to read on your outdoor signage, whether it’s a sandwich board or a road sign. Remember to keep the wording short and precise; you don’t want to confuse the consumer. One salon ran a $10 spray tan promo and placed “$10 Spray Tans – Walk In’s Available” on their outdoor signage and their spray tan sessions grew. Play up the holidays, additional services and products you may offer, and change it up every few weeks to keep your sign fresh and engaging.


In-store displays that showcase your products in a beautiful setup always look appealing to consumers. Be sure to place your latest lotion bottles and packets, along with any other miscellaneous small items you may sell. Adding to their normal product line of lotions, some salons have been selling bath bombs, candles, and lip balms. Placing them on the front counter helps increase impulse buys for the consumers. What are your top products? What products have a good price and are easy to sell? Create an organized display that entices your customers to look and see what the products are.

Lobby Monitor

If you have a TV in your lobby, make sure you’re utilizing it with a slideshow. A slideshow displaying information about your salon can be very beneficial to the person who is sitting down and waiting. It looks high class and also alerts customers of any specials or information they might not know of. Similar to your outdoor signage, you’ll want to change the slideshow in line with current events and specials, and include educational aspects. Movement catches people’s eye more than still images, so consider incorporating some stock video or something you can record on your own.

Lobby Demonstrations

Do you have another service that you offer at your tanning salon such as eyelash extensions or microblading? Place a bed in the lobby, and have a tech perform the procedure for everyone to see. Something similar can be done with lotions or bronzers as well – invite customers to come over and try the latest bronzer, and have them be wowed with their results! Along with a demonstration, have a table set up with key information about the service you’re performing, along with a coupon or special.