We Are Sunshine

Introducing the K11 Air: Redefining Sunshine with Sunfinity

Thursday, June 20th, 2024

As the tanning market becomes increasingly reliant on innovative technology that allows customers to achieve the results they desire in a skin-sensitive manner, KBL presents the K11 Air, a revolutionary open-air sunbed that is set to redefine the way the world thinks about tanning and sunshine.

At the heart of the K11 Air lies a philosophy deeply rooted in the essence of sunlight. The elimination of traditional tanning lamps in favor of UVA, UVB and red light LEDs allows for an unprecedented level of tanning power as well as significantly reduced operating costs. But the true defining characteristic of the K11 Air is that the introduction of yellow UVB LEDs throughout the unit – In addition to blue UVA and red Nano Beauty LEDs – creates new possibilities to make the tanning experience far more individualized than ever before. For the first time, UVB output is now adjustable in the K11 Air.

Tanners can choose their dream sunbathing destination, shift the sun to the desired time of day, and enjoy their short getaway. From mid-day peak sunshine in the Bahamas to sunrise in the Hamptons, users can pre-select their experience using the relatable format while also being able to the overall intensity and face, body, and beauty lights individually from the interior control panel throughout the session.

The K11 Air is not just offering a tan; it’s providing a lifestyle choice. By embracing the power of sunlight in a controlled and customizable environment, the K11 Air represents the next great evolution in tanning technology.

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