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Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

Believe it or not, even after the groundbreaking equipment innovations we’ve seen in recent years, the best is still yet to come from KBL.

Since the German sunbed manufacturer’s current ownership and leadership structure was formed in 2018, hybrid tanning has risen to prominence and UV LED tanning was introduced, along with countless operational and design enhancements. With equipment featuring full-body UVA and UVB tanning already in the works, it’s clear that KBL is still just getting started.

“With the pace of the introductions of the P9, the P9S, the different K-Series models and especially the K11 Air, KBL has demonstrated that it is fully committed to providing tanning operators with cutting edge equipment and spectral concepts allowing them to take the tanning business to the next level,” says KBL Managing Director, Hans-Jürgen Kreitz.

KBL ownership group Deutsche Industrie-Holding (DIH) and leadership team of Kreitz and Jens-Uwe Reimers maintain a staunch commitment to growth with a predominant focus on the U.S market. And they’re not just saying that – DIH is putting its money where its mouth is and allocating more resources than ever toward research and development as well as increased production.

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