We Are Sunshine

July Member of the Month: Caribbean Color Tanning

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Sherry McLaughlin and Teresa Duchscherer were featured as July’s Member of the Month. This dynamic duo created a successful megastore and continue to grow their presence in the Minot area. Learn what Sherry thinks about the tanning industry’s challenges and how the salon has made an impact on the community during a time of crisis.

Q: What do you think is the future of issues like Sun Scare, the Tan Tax and restrictive legislation?

A: “I do not see these issues going away. For Sun Scare, it benefits the beauty industry to promote these ideas. There are big dollars involved in both product sales and advertising. The tanning industry needs to unite and get out in front of these issues. For too long we have acted like the red-headed stepchild. We need to takle these issues head on, starting in our own backyards. Get informed. Do all the research you can about tanning. Stay active. Be involved in tanning issues and the local community. Love what you do. The rest is easy!” – Sherry McLaughlin

Q: How has Caribbean Color Tanning been involved with the community?

A: “Minot, N.D. had a huge flood split the town in two in 2011. 12,000 people were displaced from their homes. The salon wasn’t hit, but we decided to close early and help people sand bag around town. We also sold t-shirts and held a food drive to help people in the area. When our clients brought in two non-perishable items, we gave them a free tan. I have a very caring staff, they have no problem getting involved.” – Teresa Duchscherer