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Kansas Salon Owner Defends Her Business

Thursday, July 14th, 2022

By Kelly Robbins, Owner, Sunsations Tanning Salon

I opened my tanning salon in 2006 and have regularly attended trade shows to gain better knowledge and understanding of our industry. At that time, I did not see the value of a tanning association, therefore I joined a national small business association with hopes that they would be able to help battle the federal Tan Tax brought on by the Affordable Care Act. I have since learned that the American Suntanning Association (ASA) does so much more than the aggressive work they were doing in Washington; they also battle legislation in each state to protect the indoor tanning industry.

When I was approached by the Governor of Kansas to apply to be a representative on the Kansas Board of Cosmetology (KBOC), I was hesitant. I reached out to a childhood connection and now mentor, Daryl Ringler, who previously held the position. He connected me with fellow tanning salon owner Roger Holmes, who was the current KBOC member, and a Board member of the ASA. With the encouragement of two strong industry veterans, I decided the KBOC was a good investment of my time to help further strengthen our industry.

Thanks to my newfound position on the Cosmetology Board, I learned that a bill was being considered to add state sales tax to all beauty services including tanning. With a 10% federal excise tax already hurting my business, I knew an additional tax from the state would be devastating, and my business would suffer more than it already had. I immediately contacted the ASA alerting them of the bill and joined with them to put a stop to this damaging state tax.

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