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Keep Some Money Coming in While Your Salon is Closed

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Note: This may not be applicable in some state. Please check your local regulations. 

While tanning businesses in the majority of states are currently closed by government mandate because of COVID-19, some are still doing more than planning and waiting to be able to reopen. Sunless, Inc. Vice President of Norvell Sales Brandon Cardinal has been suggesting selling sunless retail products — where appropriate — via social media, with digital payment and contact-free delivery.

“I’ve done a huge push telling people to get Venmo or Square, go into communities via social media and tell them about the products,” Cardinal says. “Take their Venmo money and deliver it at their door. Just because we can’t have access to customers with handheld doesn’t mean we cant have access with some of the products we offer. I’ve had a lot of our spray techs that couldn’t believe they sold out of retail products for the first time last week.”

Without access to your tanning services, some clients want those sunless retail products more than ever, and it’s preferable for everyone for them to buy professional products from you, rather than picking something up at the grocery store. And, you don’t have to stop with sunless products. Particularly if you’re in an area of the country where it’s warm enough to sunbathe outdoors right now, remember that many of the UV tanning products you sell these days are marketed as indoor/outdoor formulas. And, many people are used to using, and might be running low on, moisturizers and other skin care products you also carry.

If you open up this option, and promote it properly on Facebook and Instagram, you might also sell more than you think simply because it gives loyal customers an opportunity to support you. Such is the case in the restaurant industry, where customers are going out of their way to order take-out and delivery from their favorite eateries, because they understand the challenge the businesses are facing and want to help them make it through this unprecedented scenario.