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Leaders Need Coaching Too

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Become a more aware and more effective leader with these tips for the article “How Coachable Are You?” from Wall Street Journal contributor Toddi Gutner recommends that business leaders seek advice from “coaches” in order to become more self-aware. She says that entrepreneurs aren’t always the most coachable, but they typically do recognize specific areas in which they would like to improve themselves or they companies.

  • Take a risk. “Many coaching newbies are concerned about losing themselves or their company direction as a result of too much external advice,” Gutner says. “Keep an open mind and realize this is a new experience that may be out of your comfort zone.”
  • Identify areas or growth. Ask those closest to you for feedback on areas that you would like to develop.
  • Choose wisely. “Ask for recommendations from executives and business owners who’ve been coached. Find someone who’s an expert in the areas where your company is struggling,” Gutner says. Find someone who’s an expert in the areas where your company is struggling.”
  • Remember the ‘iceberg’ rule of feedback. “If you show that you’re willing, able and eager to accept criticism and advice, the coach will be more comfortable giving you the whole story (the full iceberg), versus just a bit of feedback (the tip of the iceberg).” Listen carefully and ask clarifying questions. Make sure you’re being very open to new ideas and fully understanding and considering the feedback and suggestions.

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