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Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Professional Indoor Tanning Means Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Indoor suntanning was invented in Europe primarily to harness the positive physiological and psychological benefits associated with UV light exposure – a fact that often gets lost in today’s rhetoric about the benefits and risks of UV light.

And while professional indoor tanning in North America is primarily a cosmetic exercise, most indoor tanning facilities today are doing things to promote other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, according to a recent poll.

2008-02-26-lifestyle-choice-tanningnews-copy.jpg“Indoor tanning absolutely should be put in the context of proper exercise and diet,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “UV exposure is a natural, intended and necessary function for human life, and moderate indoor tanning in a non-burning fashion can be a part of that formula. Humans need air, food, water, shelter and sunlight to survive and thrive.”

Smart Tan asked members “Does your tanning business promote other aspects of a healthy lifestyle?” in a recent poll. More than nine out of every 10 respondents said their salon did promote a healthy lifestyle for their customers.

“This is all part of the professional indoor tanning community’s responsible message,” Levy continued. “When tanning facilities do their job correctly we are promoting intelligent moderation in sun care and lifestyle. If you’re doing that, you can feel pretty good that you are being a constructive force in your community.”