We Are Sunshine

Major network again promotes ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

NBC News — which has run several major health news stories in the past year promoting the health benefits of ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ — published another major story on its MSNBC web site this week entitled, “Shedding light on vitamin D deficiency ‘crisis’”

2009-02-04-nbc-on-vitamin-d-tanningnews-copy.jpgThe story delves into the debate over how much vitamin D we should be getting, with vitamin D researchers saying we need up to 10 times more of the vitamin to realize all of the functions of vitamin D — levels that are only consistent naturally with regular sun exposure.

Old vitamin D recommendations were based solely on bone health — vitamin D levels that are significantly lower than what researchers say we now need to control cell growth regulation and reduce the spread of cancer cells — functions now ascribed to higher levels of vitamin D.

The NBC story also looks at the fact that rickets — a bone-disfiguring disease once thought to be eradicated by modest vitamin D supplementation — is now making a comeback.

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