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Mal-Illumination: The ‘indoor epidemic’

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Many experts believe that the deficiency of sun exposure as a result of modern indoor lifestyles is widespread enough to be considered a health epidemic. They call it “mal-illumination.” Put simply by Dr. John Ott, who coined the term in the 1980s, “Mal-illumination is to light as malnutrition is to food.”

The “indoor epidemic” is described in detail in a book by best-selling author Ari Whitten: The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy: How to Use Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy for Anti-Aging.

“Just as human cells need nutrients from food, light is also a necessary nutrient for our cells to function well. Certain wavelengths of light can help power up our cells, affect hormones and neurotransmitters, balance our mood, enhance physical performance, hasten recovery from stress, increase alertness, improve sleep, and positively affect the expression of our genes. Most importantly, you need to grasp that the human body needs light to be healthy,” best-selling author Ari Whitten writes.

“The vast majority of people living in the modern world are suffering from chronic mal-illumination and don’t even realize it. And it has widespread effects on our brain and organ function, immune system, energy levels, mood, neurotransmitter balance, and hormone levels,”

As Whitten details, mal-illumination isn’t just about a lack of UV exposure. There are four other bioactive types of light from the sun that are vital to human health.

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