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Maloney Opponent Looking For Support

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

2010-04-14 political outlook copyThe opponent to New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney — the sponsor of “Tan Act” legislation that redundantly asked FDA to review warning language on indoor tanning equipment and this year’s Tanning Bed Cancer Control Act that asked FDA to redundantly review rules on the manufacture of tanning equipment — wants the support of the indoor tanning industry.

Manhattan attorney Dino Laverghetta has contacted several leaders in the indoor tanning community looking for support. His web site says he is opposed to new taxes and pork barrel spending. “You’re responsible with your money. Congress should be too,” Laverghetta says on his web page. “Each dollar that you pay in taxes is a sacrifice and Congress should respect that when deciding how to spend your tax money. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. For years now, both Democratic and Republican politicians have wasted your money on pork-barrel legislation and gifts to political allies. They have gone on a spending binge and left you with the bill. This needs to stop.”

Maloney — who introduced her latest anti-tanning bill in the editorial offices of Cosmopolitan Magazine — which accepts millions of dollars in advertising annually from companies who promote an anti-UV message — has refused to be objective in discussing indoor tanning as an issue, calling tanning the 21st century tobacco.

To learn more about Laverghetta’s run for Congress visit his web site,