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Many Ways to Sell a Spray: Sunless pricing options that balance margins, demand, consistency and convenience

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

You undoubtedly offer your clients a multitude of ways to purchase their UV tans. But, how many different ways can they buy spray tans?

Sunless tanning is quickly becoming equally as important to tanning businesses as UV, but the purchasing options remain limited in many salons. Of course, there’s an inherent difference, because there are many sunbeds in every salon, and usually only one or two spray tan booths or airbrush equipment. But, each modern spray tan booth does allow for numerous options for different solutions and upgrades, so there are plenty of ways to expand the alternatives. And, a similar approach as you use with UV packages and membership options can also be viable with sunless.

In most cases, the main goal should be to get as many people in your community to spray tan as possible, because there’s ample room for growth. But, there are also more creative ways to provide additional options that appeal to different people and enhance your profitability, while still keeping your spray tans accessible to budget-minded clientele and making a regular spray tanning routine cost-effective

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