We Are Sunshine

Marketing Your Sunless Products

Friday, December 15th, 2023

by Bailey Johnson, Devoted Creations

If you are an avid sunless tanner and social media user, like myself, then you are probably aware of the countless ads and promotions for at-home tanning products that are pushed across many different social media platforms. With the sunless tanning market being so saturated on social media, how do you stand out and grow your brand? Using platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook, we will discuss the key components to grow your brand and reach a larger audience to promote and grow your business, while providing your customers with the top-notch sunless products in the market.

First, I always recommend familiarizing yourself with beauty trends and types of advertisements that will perform well for your desired audience. Create content that your consumer would be interested in.

These are the top 3 types of posts to create for maximum interaction with your audience:

  1. Educational posts – This can be anything from tanning tips to ingredient breakdowns. Educational posts are exactly as they sound; they are primarily for educating our audience on topics that they would be interested in learning more about. Users often use the “save” feature on Instagram for these types of posts to revisit them later. Any additional engagement with posts will further boost it in the algorithm, meaning if a consumer saves, shares, comments, and likes a post, then it will be shown on more of your follower’s feeds.
  2. Re-shareable and Relatable Content – Having relatable posts will also lead to higher engagement because these lead to more shares, likes, and comments, which will create a larger audience for your brand.
  3. Engaging stories on Instagram and Facebook, and entertaining/attention grabbing Tiktok Videos – Creating interactive stories will lead to a higher number of followers seeing it on their page. This will also help with your future stories being one of the first few to pop up and will increase the overall average viewers for each post. Utilizing the different “sticker” features, such as questions, polls, location, and website links will greatly increase the interactions with your followers.

Another key factor with growing your audience on social media platforms and increasing your engagement is consistency. Having consistent posts on all your pages will keep your audience interested and create a sense of community. Posting 1-3 times per day on each social account will garner the best results.

The next key task to tackle would be ads across your accounts. Before creating your first ad, it is important to determine your desired outcomes. EX: More followers, increased brand awareness, larger clientele, content for your pages. Then determine what Social Media accounts perform best for you and decide which you want to use for an ad. (Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok). Also, make sure to establish what your budget will be for Ads + Influencers (Weekly, Monthly).

There are multiple different avenues to post ads, the most commonly used being Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Facebook has “Ads Manager” which you can use to boost feed posts and stories, as well as create new ads. Instagram has the option to create ads on existing stories and photos on your profile, and Tiktok now has “Tiktok for business” which you can use to create an ad using existing video posted or new video.

With all ads on each platform, there are three objectives: Grow page likes and followers, increase engagement, drive Website Traffic. First, make sure you decide what you want the ad to be targeted for, then create a call-to-action on the post. Make sure to choose an image or video that will stand out in your audience’s feed. Determine who you want to reach and be as specific as possible. It is important to know exactly who your target audience is. Finally, set your budget and post!

Lastly, when it comes to marketing in today’s society, the use of influencers and brand ambassadors can be extremely beneficial for the growth of your company. Most social browsers now use social media to look up products and reviews, instead of searching online. Our brand, Selfie Glow Sunless, has a very successful ambassador program that has boosted our sales and overall growth as a brand. The use of influencers not only allows your products to be seen in front of countless new eyes, but it also gives you the opportunity to receive content that can be used for promotional and advertising purposes.

What exactly is an Influencer and how do you find them? An Influencer is anyone on social media that has established credibility in a specific industry. Most have large audiences and are able to promote and influence their followers to purchase their recommended products. Our Selfie Glow brand has been able to find influencers through Instagram and Tiktok primarily, using these platforms to search key words and find posts from influencers that align with our brand. After finding a quality influencer who you believe would be a successful addition to your company, simply reach out and explain what your goals are and what incentives you will provide. Most will be more than willing to help create content and promote your brand.

Marketing your brand takes time and commitment, but thanks to the social media platforms we have at our fingertips, your brand growth is a few clicks away! Always make sure to stay consistent and have fun with it, and your brand will flourish.