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Maximize Productivity With the RED Rule

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Understand and utilize the “RED” rule of time management, as described in the article “3 Tricks to Create More Time in Your Workday” from, to get more done in your workday. To make the most out of your valuable time: Reduce. Eliminate. Delegate.

  1. Reduce. While it may be tempting to work extended hours when you have a lot to get done, research shows that over time this isn’t an effective strategy. Numerous studies show that the “sweet spot” for work productivity is 40 hours a week. Working more than 40 hours typically results in a temporary improvement in productivity, followed by a sharp drop off. Maintaining long hours over a long period of time can also lead to health problems, make focused effort difficult and result in having to re-do work to correct mistakes.
  2. Eliminate. We’ve all heard the principle “20 percent of your effort creates 80 percent of your results,” but it seems that people rarely adjust their schedules accordingly. Do your best to eliminate the 80 percent that’s creating the final 20 percent of your results. Try to focus 100 percent of your time on the 20 percent that really matters. Start by eliminating things like non-essential meetings, paperwork and emails.
  3. Delegate. The key to being a great manager is the ability to delegate as much and as frequently as possible. You should focus your time on the things that only you are able to do. If you can get (or pay) someone else to do a task, and that person’s time is less valuable than your own, delegate that task.

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