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May: BC Natural Prevention Month

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Month is underway, and hundreds of Smart Tan members in the United States and Canada have joined a coalition of businesses supporting the Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation’s major fundraising effort.

BCNPF ( promotes natural breast cancer prevention strategies — including getting vitamin D levels tested and raised to natural sufficiency levels — as the most prominent of natural prevention strategies to cut breast cancer risk in half. As a breast cancer charity, focusing on prevention rather than detection sets this group and this effort apart. That’s why Smart Tan encouraged its members to get involved.

“Most tanning businesses support breast cancer charities at some point in the year, so why not support a charity that is actually promoting a message that is in line with what we know about vitamin D — that natural levels are associated with a significantly lower risk of breast cancer,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “This is just an excellent non-profit program for you to support through your tanning business.”

“The bottom line is simple: You don’t need to cure or detect what you can prevent. And the BCNPF is unique among cancer charities today because our mission is to teach natural and proven breast cancer prevention strategies that your friends, neighbors and customers can begin right now — today,” says Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation supporter Dr. Marc Sorenson. “Where other cancer charities pour billions of dollars into detection and treatment programs, which are important, we feel those are secondary to what should be obvious: Detection isn’t prevention, and when you can prevent something, detection is a lot like closing the barn door after the horses are gone.”

Click here or call 800-652-3269 or 866-795-3755 in Canada to order your salon fundraising kit.

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