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Mind Your Business 2: Heartland’s Owners Retreat Continues to Impress

Thursday, June 30th, 2022

Excelsior Springs, MO: Heartland Tanning’s second annual Mind Your Business Owners and Operators Retreat leaves attendee’s with only one question- When is the next one? Heartlands retreat brings salon owners and manufacturers together with a winning combination of networking, fun, and relaxation. This year’s event was once again at the Elms Historic Hotel and Spa, giving attendee’s an opportunity to enjoy the amenities during the pool party, paranormal tours, and smores as well as offsite excursions during the poker pub crawl. Networking was expanded this year to two days and concluded with a Studio 54 themed celebration of Heartlands 40 years in business.

“It brings us so much joy to host this unique event for the 2nd year.” Stated Tammy Reed, Vice President of Distribution. “We have been hosting shows for over 25 years and we have observed the last several years the NEED for our salon partners.  We all work so hard in season, so we knew we needed 1 –an event that forces us to have some much-needed relaxation and downtime, and 2 – an organized networking event between salon owners, manufacturers, and Heartland staff without the pressures of buying something.  As long as Heartland continues to get the support of our salons and manufactures, we will continue on with this format and top it each and every year.  We absolutely love meeting new people, putting faces with names, and visiting with our loyal, wonderful customers.”

In today’s environment, Heartland has committed to helping salons through these summer months with profitability and continued learning.  Heartland recommends that you join the Heartland Presents Facebook group and mailing list to take advantage of the savings and you keep with upcoming podcast events. Plans are already underway for 2023 Heartland Presents – Mind Your Business 3

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