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More Tanning Businesses Market Summertime Packages in 2008

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Indoor tanning professionals are advertising in the summer at record levels according to a poll conducted the first week in July. About two-thirds of indoor tanning businesses are running more summertime promotions for their tanning businesses this year as compared to last year, according to the poll. Only 5 percent of respondents were running fewer promotions this year, while 30 percent reported no change from 2007.

2008-07-09-hot-promotions-tanningnewscom-copy.jpg“The tanning business has come a long way since the days of 16-week seasons from February through May,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “Tanning businesses and their communities now understand how tanning businesses can be utilized year-round.”

While the early-spring base tan used to be the majority of tanning facility business in North America, tanners today tan for the convenience, comfort, control and experience of indoor tanning all year round, as well as enjoying the positive physiological and psychological benefits associated with regular UV exposure. “We have become experts in providing a professional tanning experience that transcends four seasons,” Levy said. “And teaching moderation and sunburn prevention year-round is something we do better than anyone else.”

A year-round marketing plan is key to the success of today’s professional tanning business. “This is another sign that the professionals running tanning businesses today are better business people as well as better practitioners of the principles of smart tanning.” Levy said.