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Monday, February 21st, 2022

Shea You Love Me by Swedish Beauty Botanica

Love me, love me… Shea that you love me! A go-to for those with sensitive skin since it first launched in 2010, there’s now even more to love about Shea You Love Me by Swedish Beauty Botanica.

With a gorgeous tube design makeover, the cult-classic Fragrance Free Intensifier is looking much more sophisticated in her 11th year. But this upgrade is just as much about substance as style.

While making sure to keep all the things people loved about the original, Swedish Beauty added new ingredients to enhance the formula’s color and skin care technologies and further embrace the contemporary clean beauty trend. Shea Butter is still the real hydrating hero, but newly added Electrolytes only enhance Shea You Love Me’s ability to combat dry skin. The addition of Oatmilk, a popular dairy alternative that is naturally moisturizing and anti-inflammatory, gives tanners yet another reason to feel confident in their sensitive skin.

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