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My JCTA: Steve William, Classic Tan

Monday, May 20th, 2019

MyJCTA Article by Steve William Classic Tan

I’ve been involved in the indoor tanning industry since 1985. Things have changed since the early days. I started out with 24 lamp beds with a single facial. Reflecting on those early days, the beds were not special, but the excitement of being 26 years old and having my own business was. And the tanning industry was very exciting, growing in leaps and bounds. We didn’t even have computers; we tracked sessions with tear off coupons and then file cards. We now have varying sizes of equipment we offer our clients. Computers and timers now help us control our equipment, which gives us even more control to protect our clients from overexposure. We’ve become a professional industry. Things have really changed over the last 30 years.

There has always been negative press to our industry, and I continue to keep up with the latest research and articles to make sure I understand the benefit and risk. The JCTA helps with this via their weekly updates. So far as I can see, moderate UV exposure is beneficial; it’s sunburning that causes the problems. We, as an industry, need to educate the public, media and governments of that fact. That indoor tanning is a controlled environment and if controlled by an educated operator, the risk is almost nil.

Media has been quiet for several years since all the teen bans were put in place. There has been more positive media on sunlight and all the benefits. We need to be mindful that our opponents are still watching us. As a busy salon owner, I need someone watching them. That’s where the JCTA come in; they continue to watch for negative articles, review research that could affect us, they continue to educate the government behind the scenes, and they promote our industry so Canadian understand the benefits of UV light. This, to me, is how we counter our opponents and why I’m a member.

A very wise man in financing told me the best time to apply for credit is when you don’t need it. The same applies to the JCTA. You may THINK you don’t need to join, but you do. It is very important. We may not need to respond to the press now. But, just like not needing credit at the moment, we need to keep the JCTA strong, and make it even stronger. So just like credit, now is the time to join.

Steve William, Owner Classic Tan