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My JCTA: Why associations are important to your business

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

When I was busy signing the paperwork to purchase my first tanning salon, I noticed there was an application in the package for JCTA. At the time, I had no idea what it was, but having worked as an Executive Director in a Chamber of Commerce for more than a decade, I understand the importance of associations in one’s business. What I didn’t realize was how important it is to belong to an industry-specific association.

Once my salon purchase was complete and I had a moment to spend some time on the JCTA website, I was both impressed and intrigued with the sheer amount of resources available right at my fingertips. Knowing where to turn for information helps to streamline my day-to-day operations.

The more time I spent on the site, the more I realized the amount of work the staff and executive do behind the scenes on our behalf. Advocacy in our industry is such an important piece of our operations, and knowing that it’s being looked after efficiently and thoroughly gives me piece of mind that no matter what is thrown at our industry, we’re prepared.

Staying up to date and informed on issues that could affect my business is important to me’and JCTA has made that easy to do. One thing that specifically stuck out to me was the way the association handled its AGM. Presenting it in webinar style was brilliant, and by doing so allowed everyone the ability to participate, no matter their location.

I’ve been more than satisfied with the efforts of the JCTA and the team leading the association, and I look forward to having further involvement in the future.

Sherri Buckle

Cold Lake, Alberta