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Natural health experts coming to the defense of UV-Vitamin D connection

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

“The campaign to censor the truth about vitamin D continues today in Texas, where the state AG is suing a chain of 87 tanning salons, claiming they are engaged in ‘deceptive’ practices by explaining that ultraviolet light results in the creation of Vitamin D in the body. Although this is a normal biological process, the State of Texas thinks it’s a crime to say so. And thus the assault on free speech about health is extended beyond supplements and all the way to tanning salons.”

2008-11-17-quote-of-the-week-tanningnews-copy.jpg—”Health Ranger” Mike Adams, on his web site, — a health information source that reaches 1.2 million readers a month. Adams points out that UV light is, without question, the most natural source of vitamin D. “Remember, it was research by Dr. Michael Holick that proved tanning devices actually increase Vitamin D production in the human body, raising vitamin D levels in the blood,” Adams wrote in a recent newsletter. “In reality, tanning devices DO boost vitamin D production,” Adams says.

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