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New Year, New Ways to Serve You

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Even beyond the general enthusiasm that comes from starting fresh with the New Year, there’s a particular sense of excitement in the air at PC Tan. Kicking off the year with new equipment options, a big event, and the release of their yearly catalog is setting the stage for a big year for the company and its salon partners. In this Smart Tan exclusive interview, Vice President of Sales Paul Manke details how his company is poised to serve you better than ever in 2019.

Q: What is PC Tan doing to help salon partners gain additional revenue in 2019?

A: We’re going to be the exclusive distributor of the Cryo Innovations Recovery XR. We just feel that salons are still looking for something new and different to put in their stores, and that’s one new ingredient.

Cryotherapy can provide additional revenue you wouldn’t have otherwise, with strong margins. It’s also an added opportunity to reach different segments that aren’t necessarily interested in tanning right now. It can be hard to add new customers, so, it’s a good way to reach a new audience. Then, you can also hopefully educate them and get them interested in tanning or spray tanning as well.

It’s a great partnership because they offer a great product, and we’re able to give them credibility of our history and experience helping our clients succeed with a variety of equipment. We went out and looked at the product, and made sure it’s right for the industry. They had the chance to choose other distributors as well, but they saw how passionate we were about the machine, and they trusted our experience.

Click here to read the entire article in the January issue of Smart Tan Magazine online.