We Are Sunshine

No Sweat! We Sanitize It Anyway!

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Everyone knows professional tanning facilities sanitize sunbeds before every session — cleanliness is, after all, the number one thing a client looks for in a salon. And since most salons also give clients a laundered personal towel for their own use after a session, we wondered how many clients use their personal towel to wipe up sweat they leave on a sunbed acrylic before the salon operator sanitizes the room.

It turns out not very many. According to a poll conducted in June, most salons say less than 1 in 4 clients use their personal towel to wipe off a bed before the salon employee sanitizes the unit with proper cleaner and a fresh cleaning towel.

Only 15 percent of salons said more than half of clients wipe their own beds with their personal towels before the operator cleans the unit. Fully 77 percent thought fewer than 25 percent of clients wiped the acrylic post-session before the operator sanitized it.

It’s interesting — most people who work out at a gym wipe-off exercise equipment after using it. But most sunbed users don’t wipe off a sunbed post-session. Maybe because they know the salon sanitizes the sunbed before every session anyway.