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Non-tanners Getting Sunburns: Survey

Monday, June 7th, 2010

2010-06-07 Memorial Day Weekend copyOne of the professional tanning industry’s main points — that non-tanners are more susceptible to severe sunburns when they eventually do go outdoors on holidays and weekends — was on main display during the U.S. Memorial Day weekend holiday, and professional salon operators saw it first-hand.

According to a poll of salon operators conducted in the past week, 90 percent saw at least one non-tanner with a severe sunburn over the long weekend. Just 8 percent said they didn’t see a non-tanner with a severe sunburn.

“This continues to be the point that people don’t understand — that indoor tanning enthusiasts are the ones who, as a group, best use sunscreen outdoors for its intended use: preventing sunburn,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “In addition to having 90 percent higher vitamin D levels as compared to non-tanners, we know tanning clients are better educated at how to avoid sunburn and that they do sunburn less often outdoors. There’s no doubt that tanners are living a more natural and intended lifestyle when compared to those who over-use chemical sunscreen.”

A tan builds up your skin’s natural protection against sunburn, which in effect multiples the ability of chemical sunscreen to prevent sunburn outdoors.

Non-tanners are more prone to sunburn – even if they are wearing chemical sunscreen — because their skin lacks natural acclimation to sun exposure.