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Non-UV Light Therapy is Scientifically Proven and Universally Accepted

Friday, January 5th, 2024

Today, red light therapy is universally accepted both medically and, just as importantly, socially. The medical and scientific community recognizes that these devices provide benefits without any potential adverse effects from overexposure. According to the Cleveland Clinic’s website, one of the most prominent healthcare organizations in the world, “Red light therapy appears to be safe and is not associated with any side effects, at least if used short-term and as directed. This therapy is not toxic, not invasive and not as harsh as some topical skin treatments.” While the benefits of other bioactive sunlight spectrums, like blue and infrared light, are not as well known, there’s no question about their safety either.

There are no known potentially detrimental effects from many of these non-UV devices, as recognized by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This is why so many devices are simply FDA “Registered” and not “Approved” by the FDA. The FDA has determined that it is not necessary to approve many types of “general wellness” devices primarily because of their low-risk status.

Here’s an example that speaks more to the general public’s perceptions. In 2020, the San Francisco 49ers NFL franchise announced an official partnership with a California-based company that develops light therapy products for performance, recovery, and overall health and wellness.

“Inside the locker room at Levi’s Stadium, players have access to a dedicated light therapy room for recovery immediately after games or practice. Light therapy has proven benefits for muscle recovery, including improving blood circulation and helping the body’s inflammation process,” it says in the 49ers press release announcing the partnership.

Now, can you imagine a billion-dollar sports franchise announcing a partnership with a sunbed manufacturer today? Unfortunately, that’s not likely. While there have been plenty of reports about athletes and organizations using sunbeds for their benefits to performance, the social stigma about UV light would preclude such an official arrangement.

So red light is great, and it can make a valuable addition to a tanning business. But you already knew that, right? The point of this article, and the creation of Smart Sun Therapy, is not that light therapy with different spectrums can be profitable for tanning businesses, but that harnessing the power and reputation of the different light spectrums of sunlight will help elevate the reputation of your business.

Because, as tanning businesses, we used to be so focused on just UV, traditional thinking was that tanning beds that emit 95% UVA and 5% UVB were the most accurate representation of sunshine. That’s true when it comes specifically to UV, but the reality is today’s tanning equipment that incorporates different light spectrums is better at replicating the entire sunlight experience.

So, when you’re providing your customers access to a variety of light spectrums with their own unique effects, whether it’s in one unit at the same time or through the use of multiple services, you’re giving them a more realistic, enhanced sunlight experience, with all the different benefits they’ve learned about outside the salon.

Thinking has also evolved when it comes to the potential benefits of sunshine. While it used to be all about vitamin D, that’s not the case anymore. For years, reputable studies have shown results such as people that seek sunshine living longer and that sun avoidance is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. Later, new research about the benefits of UV-induced nitric oxide provided a different perspective. Then, experts began to widely understand the likelihood that vitamin D itself may not be the only source of health benefits. Higher vitamin D levels in the bloodstream is simply representative of the fact that, in most cases, that person is receiving more beneficial sun exposure.

Now, we’re thinking about all the spectrums.

So, humans are literally starving for not just UV light, but sunshine, and as the people who have been providing UV light in a controlled environment for decades, we’re the ones best positioned to give it to them.

“I have dreamt about a time when tanning salons might become sunlight spas, providing vitamin D, serotonin, and nitric oxide with our improved UV hybrid devices. And providing skin therapy, athletic recovery, pain management, and many other benefits from different spectrums of targeted sunlight. And, of course, all of this would come with a beautiful cosmetic tan to boot, and a responsible message to consumers that too much UV light, or sunburn, is never a good thing,” says Smart Tan CEO Matt Russell.

“As research continues to unveil the many benefits associated with the many different wavelengths of sunlight, we need to be prepared to become an integral part of getting those benefits to our communities in a responsible manner. It is encouraging that manufacturers like KBL continue to move forward in this direction, offering the best and smartest cosmetic tan that science has to offer. It is also encouraging that researchers are discovering the many benefits from the other spectrums of sunlight as well.”

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