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Not all insurance policies are the same!

Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Not all insurance policies are the same!

For years now, there has been a significant spotlight on tanning salons. With healthcare professionals feeding the public misinformation or outdated information, the public itself is also beginning to scrutinize your business. A quick search will show that the allegations made against tanning salons are endless and could be costly.

Unfortunately, even the claims that lack merit can result in costly consequences for your wallet and reputation. And even if you have some kind of insurance policy, it’s important to remember that not all policies are the same.

The JCTA has partnered with PROLINK to offer a comprehensive insurance program that is specifically tailored to the unique needs of the indoor tanning industry. We have taken the time to learn about the tanning industry and the struggles it faces. We have found that reducing risk begins by working with those who operate the equipment and that the certification process with Smart Tan gives your business a recognized advantage within the insurance industry.

To better serve salon owners, we at PROLINK are constantly adding more options to our offering and improving our knowledge base in this industry. With the JCTA’s endorsement, we can offer you unparalleled discounts and comprehensive coverage tailored to your line of business. This is accomplished through the power of numbers. As our program grows, the more negotiating power we collectively have to create a cost effective program with pricing stability and industry leading insurance coverages.

At PROLINK, it’s our job to worry about which coverages you need and which risks you face so that you don’t have to. With over 30 years of experience, we can offer you a choice of insurance solutions, price points, and other benefits. You can depend on us for the protection you require.

Taylor Edwards

Risk Advisor, Commercial Insurance