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Ontario Salon is All About U

Monday, March 16th, 2015

When opportunity comes knocking,, it takes a trained ear to hear it. Andy Boznar, after years of fine-tuning his entrepreneurial instances, kept his ear to the ground for such activity, and was lucky enough to hear when it knocked at the University of Ottawa.

Andy’s friend and future business partner was involved with the construction of the university’s new sports complex, and the pair pounced when they heard that there would be an open space big enough for them to open a business.

Although he wasn’t necessarily set on a tanning salon from the outset, Andy knew that this specific location required just the right business. At his partner’s suggestion, he ran the numbers to find that an indoor tanning salon held more promise than he imagined. By 2000, UTan opened its doors to the campus and outlying community.

With a business degree and a landscaping company already under his belt, the new salon owner was confident that his new endeavor would succeed. Fifteen years and many changes later, Andy has proven himself right. A focused approach and attention to outcomes have kept the business strong.

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