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People Over Products

Monday, April 1st, 2019

In an industry full of energetic, gregarious personalities, Lisa Parsons still stands out as the consummate “people person.” It’s a quality that makes her both enjoyable for salons to work with and very good at her job – because in this business, putting people first is a big part of the recipe for success at every level.

Salon sales and service are just as important as equipment and products. Hiring and retaining depends on management’s ability to cultivate relationships. And, who’s there to help them learn how to do those things more effectively? People like Lisa at the companies salons look to for operational expertise. In this Smart Tan exclusive interview, the Devoted Creations Director of Brand Development shares her perspective on the importance of the people you work with, new products that people love, hiring and training your people for the busy season, and more.

Q: How have things changed as far as how vendors and salons do business together?

A: We are seeing a lot of salons that are switching from one product line to another, not necessarily because of the products, but because of the people – people they like doing business with and learning from, and people they see developing their company. It’s less about, “That company has such great bronzers.” It’s, “Oh, that company can help me succeed.”

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