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Picture Perfect: Product variety enhances sunless tanning results and appeal

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

With more sunless solutions and retail products on the market than ever before, there are more opportunities to improve the sunless experience you offer as well as your profitability.

Having the right spray tan equipment is a prerequisite for sunless success, but the solutions, self-tanners, prep and care products that give your clients their natural-looking glow are what really sells sunless. By carefully considering your product inventory and how you present the options, you can cement your business as the sunless destination in your community and ensure that you’re appealing to as many potential customers as possible.

Showing off the real results your spray tanners receive is always one of the best ways to promote sunless, but you don’t want to leave it at that. The appeal is much greater when you put a brand with the results and tell them why it’s so great and perfect for that client’s individual situation.

Our tanning industry sunless product manufacturers are working hard to not only create amazing products that provide perfect results, but also curate brands and specific products that appeal to tanners on a psychological level. You wouldn’t promote tanning products generically as “tanning lotion,” and if you’re promoting generic “spray tans” you’re selling yourself short. As sunless tanning continues to become more prevalent, there are plenty of people offering “spray tans.” So, why are your spray tans superior? It starts with the latest equipment technology that will ensure consistency, but the products and your knowledge of how to explain and use them is the more marketable option.

Having the right options gives you plenty of ways to explain why you’re better and back it up, starting with expertise and customization. If you were to Google “Spray tanning near me,” and saw one salon offering “Spray Tans” and another offering “Customizable spray tans with 10 different color options to perfectly complement your complexion,” which one would you trust more?

We’re constantly talking about keeping your business fresh with updates to equipment, products and options, and you should think about sunless in the same way. Are your regular spray tanners eventually going to get tired of the same old “spray tan?” Could your competition lure them away with a new solution that sounds too good to miss? You’re probably not going to bring in a new sunless booth every year, but you can continually refresh your options with new solutions and complementary products. That not only keeps your current clients engaged but also gives you something of value to promote without discounting.

In addition to your in-salon spray tans, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table if your options and expertise don’t extend to sunless retail products. Sunless prep and care products are easy upsells that also enhance the client’s results and experience. And, think about how many people in your community are buying inferior self-tanning products. You know you offer better products, but the only way you’re going to reach people that don’t UV or spray tan is by making the difference crystal clear. If you can get the word out via advertising and word-of-mouth, many of these people would love to buy a better product, for a similar price, from a local business.

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