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Plan for Success: Map out your comprehensive sales and training approach for 2022

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

What can you plan right now that will improve your tanning business’s sales on a monthly basis next year? The first thoughts that come to mind are probably promotions and marketing. But, while those elements are undoubtedly important to plan out, incorporating staff training in your plans is perhaps even more vital.

Continually training your staff to be better salespeople and well-rounded employees throughout the year is likely the best way to improve your sales in 2022 that doesn’t require a significant financial investment.

Investing in your staff’s knowledge and skill development will help you produce more sales without discounting or paying for ads, while also increasing their job satisfaction through enhanced confidence and success. And when it comes to those promotions and marketing efforts, those efforts are really going to be as successful as your staff is at communicating them properly to clients.

Approaching your plan with the right mindset makes incorporating developing a plan for both sales and training easier than you might think. That mindset starts with making training the primary focus. When you think about your comprehensive plans for 2022, consider how you can tie training into every component.

Elements like promotions, ads, discounts, staff contests and more are not only sales tools, but also great training tools. If you develop a calendar of sales strategies throughout the year and also make each element an area of focus for training, you’ll already have at least on outline for a training schedule for the year. With different narrow focuses on a weekly or monthly basis, your staff will master each element one at a time, retain and continue to implement what they’ve learned, and continue to become more skilled and knowledgeable throughout the year.

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