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The Power of Powder

Friday, November 30th, 2018

By Crystal Rooney, Sun Spot Atlantis

Due to the recent boom in the sunless business, you may have noticed sunless prices dropping, and questioned your prices. However, it should never be about the price of the product or service – it’s justifying the price with the value you’re providing.

Adding extra services is a great way for clients to feel as if they’re getting a deal. If they feel that they’re getting more for their money, they won’t question your pricing. Sunless powdering is a small extra service that can make a big difference in your clients’ sunless experience.

What is Powdering?

It’s no secret that women have been using face powder for years to set makeup or eliminate shine on a hot day. So why not incorporate powdering as part of our sunless experience? Powdering is the simple application of a light layer of powder after a sunless tan. Powdering does not affect the quality of a spray tan, and I’ve tanned hundreds using powder.

What are the benefits of Powdering?

When trying to convince customers to utilize this additive, illustrate the benefits of powdering after their spray tan:

  • Absorb any extra DHA on the skin, especially in the chest, neck and underarm area
  • Eliminate any sticky feeling after undergoing a sunless tan
  • In heat and humidity, powder will keep a client from sweating, which can affect the quality of the tan
  • Creases on the body will dry quicker and eliminate dark skin or skin spots
  • Provide a fresh, clean, post spray smell that lasts until you shower.

How to Powder a Client

You should start by selecting the type of powder you feel will best meet the needs of your clients. Two popular options are Tan in The Raw and California Tan After Sunless Powder. However, many airbrush technicians use baby powder with excellent results.

When powdering a client, it’s important to make sure you apply it to all creases on the body. You should also focus on applying it to any area that may feel sticky – typically chest, neck and back.

There are different methods for applying the powder onto your client. A towel, powder brush or powder puff are commonly used, but you can get creative as to what works best for you. I was initially frustrated using a brush, because it rubbed the color guide off my finished spray. While visiting a friend one day, I noticed she was using a device to spray powder dust onto her tomato plants, and it clicked – I could use that on my clients. Now the majority of my staff use this to apply powder. The equipment provides a light, even spray of powder without disturbing a finished spray.

Powdering provides a valuable opportunity for your spray tan business. This simple application is ideal for you busy clients; it eliminates the sticky feeling, neutralizes the odor and dries quickly so clients can get dressed right away. It may be a small improvement, but it’s the little improvements that help you become No. 1 in your market.