We Are Sunshine

Presentation is Key to Maximizing Membership Revenue

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021

When it comes to sales, presentation is often just as important as substance. We know it’s not a coincidence that some people are great at selling and some aren’t at all. It’s about framing the offer the right way and demonstrating value and applicability to the client’s lifestyle.

That process starts the first time someone walks through your door. Showing them everything you have to offer is the first step. If they don’t see the fancy units and hear about all the benefits, many novice tanners will assume that they’re not going to get much more by going past the lowest membership level. Showcase all the spa and wellness service as well, and explain the benefits and how they complement the tanning experience. Introduce them to sunless, even if they claim not to be interested, and tell them about the consistency of results, cocktail tanning and how great it is for special occasions. Once they’ve seen it all, explain that they can get everything they’ve just seen for one monthly price.

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