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Put Your Employees on a Pedestal with the Right Training Platform

Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

By Megan Knoll

When it comes to training your employees, is it really best to just have them learn as they go? Statistics and commentary on the subject show that many employees don’t enjoy or feel comfortable with that method.

In fact, employees tend to forget important details or take shortcuts when they are thrown into a new position to sink or swim. The lack of documented expectations and procedures makes them less likely to complete tasks in the intended manner, while the non-committal nature of some on-the-job training can be mirrored in the attitude of new employees.

On the other end of the spectrum, formal training can be a tedious process, filled with days of note taking, learning rules and regulations, and the enforcement of a penalty process in some cases. But this environment isn’t ideal either, as it can miss the mark on engaging employees in a way that is most conducive to learning.

The preferred training method available today is a combination of both previously mentioned styles, and uses an internet based platform. Some of the most comprehensive training platforms are used in academic setting and can be customized to give users the ability to have hands-on training in a virtual world, adaptive testing to provide assurance that all important material is understood, personalized options on the delivery of materials ranging from video clips, interactive games or traditional readings, and systematic refresher readings that will continue to train the user long after the initial training is complete.

These academic models, used by thousands of students each year, are now being used to produce high-level employee training platforms. In the workforce, online training can help businesses with a wide range of problems, including consistency of training throughout multiple locations, matching employees with the correct learning style, and keeping trainers up-to-date on new information and needs.

Training Baby Boomers and Millennials

Training platforms can be extremely helpful to bridge the gap in the current workforce. A good training platform is able to offer more or less support based on their needs. When the employee is learning in an environment that is safe and comfortable to them, they have a higher success rate. It is with the adaptive nature of an Internet-based  training platform that employees, no matter their age or learning style, will be able to remember and retain more information.

Training Across Multiple Locations

Consistency is extremely important in all industries, and indoor tanning is no exception. With this in mind, it is imperative that training be consistently presented across businesses with multiple  locations.Each individual has their own way of presenting information; it is part of our unique nature. Most of the time, this uniqueness is an advantage, but when accreditation or certification is necessary, it can be a disadvantage that leads to inconsistency or misinformation. Internet training programs help accomplish the difficult task of ensuring that everyone has received the same information the same way.

Training the Trainer

No matter how sophisticated a training platform may be, it is extremely important that the trainers themselves are receiving ongoing training. Since the trainers are the primary point people for questions and problems, they need to know better than any other person within the business how to respond. The trainer should also be trained on the Internet training platform so they can confidently answer questions from employees. Trainers should retake employee training programs any time there are changes, even if they do not need updated certification, to guarantee that they are on top of the new information.

If you are looking for an industry specific training platform, Smart Tan’s online training system is a great place to start. For more information, call 800-652-3269.