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Rather Than Reducing Hours, Give Staff More to Do

Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

With fewer customer interactions during the summer, salon owners can capitalize on downtime by investing in employee training and development. You’ve worked hard to build a solid team for the season, and it would be a shame to let some valuable team members go just so you can spare some payroll expenses. Instead, consider if it’s worth it to keep giving them enough hours to keep them around and use the time to enhance their knowledge and skillsets. By cross-training all staff members on a variety of operational duties usually reserved for owners and managers, you can free up yourself and your managers to focus on the most important tasks that drive profits and success.

Cross-training employees within your tanning business also offers a multitude of benefits beyond just flexibility and productivity. It fosters a dynamic work environment where team members can develop new skills, gain a deeper understanding of the business, and feel more invested in its success. Here’s a deeper exploration of how cross-training can positively impact both employees and the salon as a whole.

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