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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

Triple Threat UV + Sunless + Red Light Intensifier by Designer Skin

No one can stand in the way of a Triple Threat and their color ambitions. With Triple Threat by Designer Skin, clients can confidently reach the tan of their dreams as they indulge in UV, Sunless, and Red Light treatments. They’ll be basking in golden intentions, while everyone else tries to unravel their bronzing secret.

Triple Threat is uniquely formulated to be used in a UV tanning bed, with sunless application, and with Red Light Beauty treatment for optimal color and skincare results. The multi-purpose features make Triple Threat a no-brainer for anyone who needs to prepare their skin with a base tan, spray tan, and/or red light treatments for a family vacation, epic trip with their friends or Staycation this Spring.

For trendsetters who demand show-stopping perfection, chic happens in the DS Faux Natural Sunless Collection!

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