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Reality TV-Like Exposure

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Participating in local events is better for small businesses than national TV coverage according to Carol Tice’s article, “Forget Reality TV. Business Owners Benefit from Local Contests.”

Local events that mimic the reality show format can be just as, or more beneficial to a local business than their national TV counterparts. “The scale is smaller, of course, but if you have a locally focused business, these contests could be an opportunity for exposure and making new connections,” says Tice.

Business contests have grown in popularity in recent years, partly because “they’re a cost-effective way to spur innovation and business growth, especially compared to simply handing out grants to a few companies.”

Examples of these local business contests have been popping across the country, such as the Count Me In Urban Rebound Los Angeles Conference and Competition. 100 Los Angeles women business owners competed in an “American Idol” style contest where the winners attended a nine-month business-incubator program designed to grow businesses past the $250,000 annual revenue mark. Seattle is another city promoting local businesses, but with a “Project Runway” feel.

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