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Red Light Equipment That Looks the Part

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

If you’re looking at red light as just another form of diversification on par with other services you add to build an all-inclusive membership, you’ve got it all wrong. Today’s red light has the potential to play a far more important role in your business.

With the right equipment, red light is a high-end service and a true counterpart to tanning services – not just an ancillary benefit. In fact, many salons are charging more for SmartSun Therapy than they charge for tanning memberships. Used as an add-on to existing EFT memberships, a SmartSun add-on can increase your EFT average significantly. Many salons have included SmartSun Therapy in their all-inclusive memberships, increasing their all-inclusive pricing and making that membership level practically bulletproof. A $100+ membership with high-end tanning, SmartSun Therapy and more is just too good to pass up or give up, especially considering that red light doesn’t have an off-season.

If you’ve been reading about the SST28 in this magazine and on, you probably have a good idea why its potential profitability is far greater than any other red light equipment seen in tanning businesses today. The keys to effective red light therapy are proximity and power, and no other full-body device on the market provides both high-performance LED red lights and a design that puts the lights as close to the body as possible in order to maximize functional output.

But, from a sales perspective, no matter how well equipment performs, it can only be so successful if it also looks the part. The SST28 is designed, first and foremost, to maximize performance. Once someone tries it, they’re going to like the experience and results. But you have to get them there first. The SST28’s distinctive design is another significant factor that distinguishes it from other full-body red light options.

The unique design of the SmartSun Therapy SST28 looks like something out of a spa or medical clinic. Customers can tell the SST28 is something different right away by walking by, seeing it on a poster, or on social media. Since it looks impressive and totally different than anything else in the salon, customers will be asking, “What is that?” And any well-trained salesperson’s eyes are going to light up as soon as they hear those words, because they know they’re well on their way to a sale.

Is anybody walking by your red light therapy room and asking, “What is that?” If it’s a clamshell unit that resembles a Level 1 or Level 2 tanning bed, probably not. Even if a customer is interested in red light, getting them to try what appears to be a low-level tanning unit with different lights is going to be difficult to sell at the price point good red light therapy should command. We’ve spent years conditioning our clients to want more than base-level tanning – that they have to upgrade to equipment that looks different to get faster results and a better experience. Having them go from a Level 5 sunbed to a red light unit that looks like a Level 2 is a step in the wrong direction.

You’re not going to impress your clients by adding a decade-old tanning unit to your lineup, and the same is true with red light. If you want red light with the level of performance and appeal that makes it a cornerstone of your business, there’s really only one choice: the SmartSun Therapy SST28.

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