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The Next Big Thing: Red light therapy is growing in popularity and profitability

Monday, July 1st, 2024

While much of the overall popularity and reputation of red light is being developed outside of the tanning industry by other types of establishments like medical offices, “med spas” and gyms, tanning businesses are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the hype. The concept of a red light session is more familiar for UV tanners, and you know your customers are already coming to you because they want to look and feel good. Even better, the advent of hybrid tanning equipment, such as the KBL models like the P9S, P9, 8000 series and more can provide a natural introduction to red light.

Red light is also becoming a far more profitable business because of advancements in equipment. We’re not talking about old-school units that look like a traditional tanning bed with red lights. The best equipment available from our industry suppliers is purposefully designed, features LED red lights, additional features and benefits, and is flashy and highly effective – so much so that it can warrant session prices higher than you’d charge for most any tanning session.

Given that this equipment will also bring in new customers that don’t tan, help you introduce them to other options and it’s virtually maintenance-free, investing in red light is a no-brainer for most tanning businesses today.

The results and visual appeal of these units make them extremely marketable and popular with clients, but the most important factor is that they are cleared and registered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. That takes red light out of the legal gray area it existed in at some points. 

Even beyond the legalities, if you want to make a serious effort to establish red light as another valuable aspect of your business, a converted tanning bed with red light lamps isn’t going to make a significant impact on your business. There could still be a role for lower-end units if you choose to offer a full mix of red light options, but the higher-end options are the ones that will warrant much higher session prices and wow clients enough to keep them coming back for more.

The clearance by the FDA not only allows you to make health claims about results from the equipment, but it also tells you that you’re investing in equipment that is proven to work. Without clear evidence to back their claims, the manufacturers wouldn’t have FDA clearance.

If you have owned red light equipment or personally experienced prior generations of red light equipment, there’s a good chance you or your clients weren’t impressed with the results. But you shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on anecdotal evidence – the SmartSun Therapy SST28 is in a whole different category.

The SST28 is designed to form to the body to get the end-user closer to the red light than any other system, provide the most advance effective treatment and produce maximum results. The zero-gravity unit bed uses red and infrared light to treat injuries, reduce pain, and reverse the signs of aging to promote whole-body wellness. Optimal results are best achieved within two to three inches of red light therapy. Zero-gravity places the user closer to the light for more effective treatment results.

To keep in simple, in layman’s terms, the keys to effective red light equipment are the delivery system, power and proximity. The red light LEDs provide the level of power necessary to provide the best results, and proximity to the skin is paramount. All the power in the world won’t make a difference if the source is too far from the skin.

Another great perk of this advanced technology is it’s virtually worry-free and low-cost to operate after the initial investment. The LEDs are rated for tens of thousands of hours, meaning you could go years without having to replace them, and the electrical cost for operation is also minimal compared to tanning units.

Looking at the totality of your business, the impact of going all-in on red light could benefit your operation in more ways than the obvious revenue gains. As many tanning businesses continue to embrace more spa-like environments and comprehensive service offerings, red light acts as the natural transition between tanning and the other services you offer.

It’s a significant piece in the overall puzzle for modern tanning businesses that have more options than ever to offer. That includes the ability to also profit from products made specifically for red light and new products from your favorite product suppliers that are made for use with multiple different light spectrums.

Offering more options can lead to more customers and more opportunities to get those customers to try different services than the ones they initially came in to use. Tanners will often try red light, red light users might try UV or spray, and all of them are there to look and feel better, so they’ll tend to be interested in any other spa, beauty and wellness services you offer.

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