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Report: ‘Tanning: Let the Sunshine In’

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

One of Britain’s largest newspapers published a story accusing Sun Scare profiteers of going to far — asking the question, “Is it time we stopped being so scared of the sun?”

In an article headlined,“Tanning: Let the Sunshine In” London’s Independent pointed out that Brits are starting to suffer poor health outcomes because of overzealous sun avoidance.

“Beneath this apparent orthodoxy, there’s an acrimonious debate between the experts who insist that sunshine is a toxic force against which we need constant protection and those who accuse big business of promoting “sun phobia” for commercial reasons, thus putting us at risk of a vitamin deficiency that causes rickets. Who should we believe?” The Independent asks.

“A sunny holiday with plenty of opportunity for safe and careful sunbathing is excellent for everyone’s health — including those with pale skins provided they are careful,” Oliver Gillie, the author of “Sunlight Robbery”, told The Independent. “The evidence suggests that the best approach is enjoy regular sunshine throughout the year so that you don’t suddenly expose your body to UV rays.”

Cancer specialist Professor Tim Oliver, told The Independent, “The anti-sun skin cancer message and the trend for young people to play indoors rather than running around outside is creating the potential for a health crisis. We are simply not getting enough sunlight to make the Vitamin D we need to stay healthy.”

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