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Salon Owner Meets With Congressman

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Lisa Brooking of True Colors Tanning recently had the opportunity to meet with her local Congressman, discuss industry issues and educate him on the benefits of responsible tanning.

Brooking thanked Indiana 9th district Congressman Todd Young for co-sponsoring the bill to repeal the tan tax and went on to discuss the tax’s effect on the industry, other negative effects that the Affordable Care Act will have on small businesses, and teen tanning regulations.

“Congressman Young said he doesn’t agree with the tax but overall hopes we can repeal the whole bill. We spoke about state regulations on tanning such as underage tanning. He said he has read a little about the regulations and feels it is best decided in the hands of the parents as long as we are following the laws pertaining to underage tanning,” Brooking said.

She also spent some time educating Young about tanning, UV light, sun scare and the overall message of responsible tanning.

“He told me that as a young man he had terrible acne and his doctor sent him to tan and it really helped,” Brooking said.

Brooking hopes that other owners will take advantage of similar opportunities to have their voices heard.

“I am active in representing our industry and trying to educate along the way,” she said. “Hopefully we can find a way to get more salon owners and leaders active and sharing our message.”