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Salons say training will be key to increasing sales in 2009, Smart Tan survey shows

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Nine out of 10 tanning salons say they will increase their staff training efforts in 2009 to elevate sales at a time when economic conditions may make tanning sales more challenging than ever, according to a poll conducted in early January.

2009-01-08-training-tanningnews-copy.jpgAccording to the poll, 7 percent plan no change in their staff training, and 2 percent say they will not increase their training efforts. The results are not scientific, but are highly directional.

“We can only assume that most of the salons that aren’t increasing their training are the ones who are already doing the most to make sure their employees know how to market and represent the service of tanning,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “From what we’re seeing, nearly everyone realizes right now that in order to maximize your sales potential a tanning business can no longer afford not to be pro-active in selling.”

Smart Tan has geared training materials for salons this year around making sales and service training more and more accessible and easy-to-use for your staff. “It’s our job to help salons best do their jobs,” Smart Tan President Matt Russell said. “Our sales training materials are designed to make a positive impact on your bottom line, regardless of which lotions or which equipment you use.”

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