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Salons Teaching a Balanced Message

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

An overwhelming majority of indoor tanning business owners say their tanning businesses are teaching a balanced message to customers about the risks of overexposure to UV light — a key reason why indoor tanning is being more honest about UV than the cosmetic dermatology and chemical sunscreen industries.

2010-02-02 Balanced message copyAccording to a poll conducted in late January, 85 percent of salons say they appropriately deliver a balanced message about the risks of overexposure.

“Where the rubber meets the road, professional tanning businesses do a better job teaching overall sun care than those who are preaching one-sided sun avoidance,” Smart Tan Vice President Joseph Levy said. “Cosmetic dermatology and chemical sunscreen companies are teaching that all sunlight should be avoided – which is both alarmist and potentially harmful. In contrast, we aim to teach a balanced message, and it’s clear that professional tanning businesses are getting the job done.”

Cosmetic dermatology still fails to acknowledge that a suntan is effective at helping the body prevent sunburn. “It is so ludicrous that they continue to hold onto this antiquated belief,” Levy said. “It’s the modern-world equivalent to maintaining that the Earth is flat.”