We Are Sunshine

Sell to Your Client’s Inner “Me”

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

By Brandon Cardinal, Norvell Sunless

Are you ever confused as to what it is you do at your salon when it comes to spray tanning, sunless tanning and or self-tanning. It is our job as an industry to define what each of these terms mean. If we as an industry are confused, imagine what our customers might think. Also, by understanding what these terms mean, we can define them and carrying on being profitable.

Let’s take the first term of sunless tanning. Sunless tanning defines the entire industry. All products and services that do not require UV light to darken the skin.

Spray tanning is the art of a manual and/or automated booth application of a sunless product.

Then there is self-tanning. When you look for a definition of “self,” it is hard to find one that is applicable. But, when you think of yourself, or when I think of myself, I’m thinking of “me.” To find the definition of self-tanning, we have to look at ourselves, or “me.” And, isn’t it true that when we go to a salon, we are thinking of “me.” So, to self-tan is to tan by yourself with yourself for yourself. Or simply call them retail products. This is the art of finding a product that meshes with you, taking this product home and applying it to yourself.

If you want to increase your retail sales when it comes to your self-tanning products, read the following:

First, people are going to buy retail self-tanning products. Have them on your shelf, or you will not sell them.

Second, make sure you and your staff are familiar with a handful of these items. Make yourself familiar with fragrances, application process and, most importantly, the price. When your customer asks if you sell a lot of this item, you tell them “yes” and they ask you the price. You better know it off the top of your head. This is about trust. Your customer is putting a lot of faith and trust into you and helping match the perfect self-tanning product up with their skin.

Lastly, take a page out of the book of the most successful beauty retail chains in the country. In this exercise, we’re going to refer to it as the “Sephora Difference.” The last time you walked into the doors of Sephora for a single makeup item, how many times did you leave with that single makeup item? No need to answer; I already know it. Never! The reason these companies are so successful is when you come in and ask for a single makeup item, they bring back to you that item plus the other three to four items that couple your requested makeup. What makes this exercise quite comical is that at times they may be out of your requested item, yet you still leave with three items. Why do you think that is? Is it because Sephora only hires the most marquee sales people in the world? Sephora and other leading cosmetic retail chains have a method of sales simplicity? So how can we make the “Sephora Difference” of sales simplicity in our salon?

Easy. Have your customer sit down, and bring to them a pairing of products. When you bring a single item to your customer, there’s only one of two answers: yes or no. But if you bring them several items, chances are saying no to them all can be very difficult. And, most times the simplicity of how the products work together in synergy makes it easier for your customer to say yes. When your customer entered the salon, we should have already asked them why they’re tanning with us. Upon their exit is when we help them decide on what self-tanning products they will need. Practice this as a team with each other. Start with a cleanser, moisturizer, spray can and mousse. Everyone wants their tan to last longer. Everyone wants their skin to look better. These products are unlike anything they currently have in their bathroom. They’re all designed to make their tan last longer, and that will satisfy everyone’s inner “me.”

And, if you and your team are uncertain as to how particular products work, call your distributor; they’ll be happy to help.