We Are Sunshine

Setting the Stage

Friday, April 1st, 2022

Lisa Saavedra, Megan Racine and Bailey Johnson

Devoted Creations

All that’s left for you to do is seal the deal.

By providing exceptional products with appealing concepts, as well as comprehensive training, marketing support, and brand power, the talented and experienced Devoted Creations team is doing everything in their power to set the stage for their customers’ success.

In this Smart Tan exclusive interview, Director of Brand Development Lisa Saavedra, Digital Content & Product Education Specialist Bailey Johnson, and International Sales Trainer Megan Racine discuss creating the most appealing products, marketing directly to consumers and training that goes beyond product education.   

Q: What are you doing to promote your products directly to consumers and drive them to salons?

LISA: The last couple years, social media has become huge and is a huge part of every brand. If you don’t have a huge social presence, you’re not really an actual brand. People are looking things up on social media and want to see other people like them using and enjoying the product. Showing influencers using real products goes a long way to not only help sell products to end-users but also help add to what the salesperson in the salon is telling the client. We really do all the social to support salon partners, so it gives them a platform to stand on when they’re talking about our products. There are different efforts to get influencers and find the content we post.

BAILEY: The majority of people go to social media before they go to reviews online. Most people go on TikTok or Instagram. We’re actually one of the only tanning companies that has a presence on TikTok. We have a really big influencer program, and we’re actively looking to work with new influencers. We’re making a point to post and be active on different platforms and expand our influencer program.

I get DMs and messages all the time from girls who see us on TikTok or Instagram and ask how they find our products, and we direct them back into a Devoted 5-star salon. That’s definitely a way people find our products. A lot of our videos have gone viral.

We do a lot of Instagram ads, we use stories or I do boosted posts on Instagram and carry that nover to Facebook. We are starting to dabble into TikTok ads. The one I’ve seen the most results from is Instagram ads. We’re targeting new clients and growing our brand. It increases our following a lot.

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