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KBL K9S hybridSun and extraSun: The first sunbeds with UVB LEDs

Tuesday, August 29th, 2023

With the K7, KBL built the foundation of the K-Series. Captivating design and innovative technologies lead the way for the newest top model K9S. Born from the pen of Etienne Salomé, a designer known for his work for Bugatti automobiles, the K9S expands the K-Series, while the K11 Air will complete the K-Series with its debut in 2024. SunSphere Pro marks a great leap into the future for KBL with the premiere of UVB LEDs.

The future of tanning has arrived in full with the introduction of the K9S. In 2021, the debut of SunSphere technology in the KBL P9S marked the most significant development in sunbed light output the industry had seen in decades. Building on the previous introduction of red beauty light with LED delivery, for the first time, UV light was also delivered via high-power LEDs. Now, the K9S is completing the transformation. Innovative SunSphere Pro technology sets a new standard for sunbeds of the future as the first ever fully LED-based facial system, providing the perfect combination of UVA, UVB, and red light.

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