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Class is Now in Session

Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

Welcome to Smart Tan Academy, the new standard in salon training. We know why you’re here – because you want your staff to be the best educated, most effective, adaptable and flat-out best tanning operators in your market. That’s why we’re not going to waste their time just teaching them how to pass a test about tanning facts. This isn’t an elementary school education – it’s a program geared to teach your staff how to show your clients, with every interaction, that they’re the most educated and equipped tanning operators around. Got it? Good. Let’s get started.

As the industry’s first and only educational association, Smart Tan knows that owners rely on employees to do and say all the right things when they’re on the job – the business’s reputation depends on it. That’s why we’ve developed Smart Tan Academy as a new method of training to focus on changing the way employees think and behave.

The foundation and flagship course of Smart Tan Academy is the new Interactive UV Tanning Certification. This program is designed to go beyond the simple science of tanning and teach employees how to properly utilize the tools and information with which they are provided. It’s the only operator training that goes beyond conventional knowledge-based training, offering an interactive format and behavior-based design that puts operators through exercises that will change the way they interact with customers. Upon completion, the core of your tanning facility will be built around this high-level academy course.

“We have focused on 32 core behaviors in salon operations – learning objectives that absolutely every tanning salon employee needs to know – and crafted a training that prepares professional employees to communicate with their customers and properly tan people,” says Smart Tan Senior Vice President Joseph Levy, who has led the development of Smart Tan training since 1992. “Instead of just teaching what skin types are, we teach how to skin type a client correctly. We don’t just cover what a sunburn is, we teach your employees how to prevent it. The ultimate goal of Smart Tan’s Interactive UV Tanning Certification is to show your customers, with every interaction, that your salon’s operators are trained to act.”

Smart Tan’s Interactive UV Certification is the industry’s only fully interactive multi-media training that keeps employees engaged, educates them effectively, helps them apply their knowledge accurately and tests them to make sure they’ve comprehended the information successfully. These segments are loaded with videos, animated graphics and fully narrated by industry veteran Joseph Levy.

It’s not only the most complete, but also the most cost-effective training on the market. Why pay for elementary, general learning when you can have elite Smart Tan Academy training for as low as $25.95? You’ll receive a program whose 20 years of success has been improved even further – guaranteed to convey imperative information accurately and effectively.

The UV Tanning Certification’s primary focus is the interaction between employees and customers. It goes beyond the facts and focus real-life salon interactions. Your employees will learn exactly how to respond in situations involving these areas:

  • Identifying parts of the skin and their functions
  • Describing the components of UV light
  • Understanding how the skin tans
  • Preventing sunburn
  • Understanding different skin types
  • Assigning exposure times based on exposure schedules
  • Understand the importance of eye protection
  • Executing salon sanitation practices
  • Understanding what can and cannot be said about UV
  • Executing routine and preventative basic maintenance
  • Understanding standard operating procedure
  • And more!

A properly trained staff is the best way to ensure a salon’s success. The best way to ensure a properly trained staff is with Smart Tan Academy, and it all starts with our Interactive UV Tanning Certification. Enroll today at or by calling your Smart Tan representative.