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Smart Tan Poll: Tanning Business Expected to Improve in ’08

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Smart Tan members say they expect their businesses to improve in 2008 as compared to 2007 results, according to a Smart Tan on-line poll conducted in January.

2008-02-01-looking-up-tanningnews-copy.jpgAccording to the poll of tanning business owners:

  • 70 percent expect 2008 to be better than 2007.
  • 17 percent say this year should be about the same as 2007.
  • Only 13 percent believe their business will do worse this year.

While the results of an on-line poll aren’t always scientific, the highly directional findings are consistent with the buzz we’ve seen at distributor conferences this spring, where lotion sales orders and business optimism for tanning retailers has been consistent.

“I believe we are seeing the beginning to see the fruits of a new era in tanning facility ownership,” Smart Tan Chairman Matt Russell said. “More and more, we’re talking with tanning retailers who are in better capital position and understand their financials. The legacy of this market in the past included some wonderful people who believed in tanning but who weren’t necessarily strong business people.”

Last year many tanning businesses tightened up expenses and have adjusted their operations to work in tighter market conditions. “There are some great tanning businesses out there who are in a pretty good position now, and will be in great position when the overall economy turns around. That’s just good long-term business sense,” Russell said.


According to tanning distributors, lotion orders in the month of January were higher this year than last year — another sign that tanning’s economy is turning around.

“Even with the overall North American economy in transition, independent of that I think professional tanning businesses have taken good steps to right the ship in the past year,” Russell said. “The next step — what Smart Tan has worked so hard on with our members — is to solve the issue of consumer confidence in tanning.”

Tanning businesses can call 800-652-3269 to find out more about Smart Tan’s programs to assist your business.