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Scottish Soccer Manager Encourages Team to Tan

Friday, October 18th, 2019

Vitamin D is part of the team’s “prescription” and they should visit warmer climates or use sunbeds to get it, former Rangers F.C. manager Pedro Caixinha told the media.

“Pedro Mendes told me about the need for sunlight. He used to go on a sunbed to make sure he got vitamin D,” the manager of the historically great soccer club said. “The players can also take a plane and go wherever they want on their time off. It is part of their lives and they need to understand it.”

The advice echoes that of legendary soccer manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who previously installing a sunbed at Manchester United’s facilities to compensate for Manchester’s lack of sunlight.

Rangers doctors apparently agree with Caixinha as well.

“I need to incentivise them to do it,” Caixinha said. “I have spoken to the doctor about the need for vitamin D and I think it is part of the players’ prescriptions here.”

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