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Combat Social Media Overload

Thursday, August 24th, 2023

If you find yourself hearing about a new social media platform and then rushing to your computer to set up an account for your small business, you are not alone. Most small business owners feel compelled to stay current and leverage their advantages by reaching out to their customers in every way possible. But as the number of unique social media platforms reach into the dozens, could there be a point where too many accounts become a disadvantage?


Recent customer interviews show that they rather see a few social media platforms used well, as opposed to a small business having every possible social media platform in use, but not keeping them current. One of the biggest complaints from the customers included visiting a social media site to see outdated information, inaccurate data, and expired coupons.

So how does a small business combat social media overload? Here are four simple tips you can use to identify if you are overrun by social media and how to tame it.

First, look at your statistics to find where are your customers following you. Depending on your customer demographics, they will most likely have a few favorite social media platforms. Identify those platforms and make them your focus. Don’t be afraid to delete your other accounts. However, if you are concerned that another small business may snag your unique username, create a boilerplate statement that you can use: Stating your company name, location and website is a good option. This will ensure that you still control your social media name, and customers will be directed to an active social media platform.

Second, don’t focus on the number of followers; focus on the level of engagement. It can be rewarding to see the number of followers rise, but that number is only part of the story. The other part of the story is how engaged your followers are. It is more powerful to have followers who are asking questions, leaving feedback, entering information for contests, complimenting your small business on great service, etc. It is the engaged customers that feel a connection to your small business and are more likely to spend more money, stay loyal longer and visit more often.

Third, use a site like HootSuite to manage your social media platforms. HootSuite is a social media management system that gives users a dashboard that they can control what content they post and on what social media platforms. There is even a feature on the dashboard to post the same message on multiple social media sites. Seeing all your social media platforms in one location is a good way to see a global view of your outreach.

Finally, track your statistics. Which posts got the most views? What posts got the most engagement? What time of day where your posts were most viewed? Focusing on the statistics will help you focus your time and energy where it counts.


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