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Something to Talk About: Make a big deal out of small changes to help generate buzz and traffic as tanning season approaches

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

Hopefully you had a splendid holiday season, both personally and for your tanning business! Ideally it was filled with friends, family, good food and good times at home, and plenty of event tanners and gift purchasers at the salon. But, while we’re thankfully past the tanning “slow season,” and the holidays likely provided a nice sales bump, it’s not quite the “busy season” yet for most salons, either. So, how are you going to sustain your holiday success and bridge the gap between now and the spring break tanning boom?

You could reinvent your business and create a frenzy with your clients and community by investing in stunning new sunbeds or a whole new service. But, more practically for most, you can also enhance excitement, salon traffic and revenue by focusing on strategic, minor changes, additions and tactics that, when presented the right way, can make a significant impact in relation to what they cost you.

You need to continue to update and move your business forward anyway, but doing so is also even more valuable because it gives you something fresh to talk about that will ideally get your clients talking, too! Sure, you can always advertise and post on social media about the same old things, but when there’s something new, it’s more interesting, appealing and likely to draw the attention of clients and get them through your doors sooner.

As we kick off a new decade, you should definitely be thinking big! There’s plenty of room to grow your business this year and beyond. But, at the same time, don’t forget to “think small,” and do the little things that can still make a big difference.

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